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Review of the SAMSUNG 27" T35F Series FHD 1080p Computer Monitor

Updated: 23 hours ago

The SAMSUNG 27" T35F Series FHD 1080p Computer Monitor offers an impressive combination of sleek design, vivid display quality, and smooth performance, making it a fantastic choice for IT professionals and tech enthusiasts alike. With a 75Hz refresh rate, IPS panel, and FreeSync technology, this monitor ensures an immersive viewing experience whether you're working, gaming, or streaming.

SAMSUNG 27" T35F Series FHD 1080p Computer Monitor, 75Hz, IPS Panel, HDMI, VGA (D-Sub), 3-Sided Border-Less, FreeSync, LF27T350FHNXZA

Design and Build Quality

The first thing you'll notice about the SAMSUNG T35F is its stunning design. The 3-sided border-less display offers a modern, minimalist aesthetic that fits seamlessly into any workspace. The slim profile and clean back make it perfect for dual-monitor setups, providing a seamless look.

Display Quality

Equipped with a Full HD 1080p resolution, the SAMSUNG T35F delivers sharp and detailed images. The IPS panel ensures consistent and accurate colors from all viewing angles, making it ideal for tasks requiring color precision, such as graphic design and video editing. With a 75Hz refresh rate and AMD FreeSync technology, you can enjoy smooth visuals and reduced screen tearing during fast-paced activities.

Connectivity and Features

The monitor comes with versatile connectivity options, including HDMI and VGA (D-Sub) ports, allowing you to connect multiple devices with ease. The inclusion of FreeSync technology is a game-changer for gamers, offering a tear-free gaming experience. Additionally, the eye-saver mode and flicker-free technology help reduce eye strain during extended use, making it a comfortable choice for long hours of work or play.

Imagine sitting down at your desk, greeted by the vibrant and border-less display of the SAMSUNG T35F. The vivid colors and sharp images draw you into your work, making even the most mundane tasks feel engaging. As you transition from spreadsheets to creative projects, the monitor's consistent performance and color accuracy ensure that your work looks just as good on screen as it does in your mind. And when it's time to unwind with a game or a movie, the smooth visuals and immersive display quality enhance your experience, making every moment enjoyable.

Ideal Applications

The SAMSUNG T35F is perfect for:

IT Professionals: Ideal for coding, networking, and system monitoring.

Graphic Designers and Video Editors: Ensures accurate color reproduction and clear visuals.

Gamers: Provides a smooth and responsive gaming experience with FreeSync technology.

General Office Use: Suitable for multitasking and productivity with its large screen and versatile connectivity options.

Pros and Cons


Sleek, modern design with a 3-sided border-less display

Full HD 1080p resolution for sharp and detailed images

IPS panel for consistent and accurate colors

75Hz refresh rate and FreeSync technology for smooth visuals

Versatile connectivity options (HDMI, VGA)

Eye-saver mode and flicker-free technology for reduced eye strain


No built-in speakers

Limited adjustability (tilt only)

No USB ports

Comparison to Previous Model

Compared to its predecessor, the SAMSUNG T35F offers several notable improvements:

The border-less design provides a more immersive viewing experience and a cleaner look.

The addition of FreeSync technology ensures smoother gameplay and reduced screen tearing.

The upgraded 75Hz refresh rate offers better performance for both work and entertainment.

The SAMSUNG 27" T35F Series FHD 1080p Computer Monitor is more than just a display—it's a gateway to a more productive and enjoyable digital experience. Whether you're an IT professional needing reliable performance, a designer seeking color accuracy, or a gamer looking for smooth visuals, the T35F delivers on all fronts. Its sleek design and advanced features make it a standout choice in today's competitive market. Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your workspace with this exceptional monitor.

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