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Feature Product: APC UPS Battery Backup & Surge Protector, 600VA Backup Battery Power Supply, BE600M1 Back-UPS with USB Charging Port

Updated: 4 days ago

Did you know that power outages cost the U.S. economy an estimated $150 billion annually? For those in the IT industry, even a momentary lapse in power can result in data loss, hardware damage, or significant downtime. That's where the APC UPS Battery Backup & Surge Protector, 600VA Backup Battery Power Supply, BE600M1 Back-UPS with USB Charging Port, comes into play.

APC UPS Battery Backup & Surge Protector, 600VA Backup Battery Power Supply, BE600M1 Back-UPS with USB Charging Port

Detailed Review

When it comes to safeguarding your electronic devices against power disturbances, the APC BE600M1 Back-UPS delivers exceptional performance. From uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to surge protection, this unit provides comprehensive protection and peace of mind.

Upon unboxing, the APC BE600M1 impresses with its sleek and practical design. The compact form factor makes it an excellent fit for any home office or small business setup, without compromising on power or functionality.

The standout feature? A highly convenient USB charging port that offers 1.5A of power, allowing you to charge essential devices such as smartphones or tablets even during an outage. The APC UPS Battery Backup not only keeps your critical electronics powered but also offers an additional lifeline for maintaining communication.

Imagine never having to worry about an unexpected power outage crashing your computer, interrupting your work, or losing unsaved files. The anxiety and frustration of sudden downtime become a thing of the past. With the APC BE600M1, you'll experience a newfound sense of security and continuity, knowing that your work is safe, regardless of external power conditions.

Ideal Applications

This UPS system is particularly beneficial for:

  1. Home Offices: Protects computers, modems, routers, and other essential office equipment from power interruptions.

  2. Small Businesses: Ensures continuous operations for POS systems, fax machines, and small servers.

  3. Remote Workers: Keeps networking equipment and personal devices charged and connected during outages.

  4. Gadget Enthusiasts: Protects gaming consoles, entertainment systems, and smart home devices.

Pros and Cons


  • Compact Design: Fits seamlessly in any setup.

  • USB Charging Port: Essential for keeping small devices powered.

  • 6 Battery Backup Outlets: For critical devices requiring continuous power.

  • Surge Protection: Guards against harmful electrical spikes.

  • Energy-Efficient: Consumes less power during operation.


  • Limited Battery Runtime: Not suitable for extended outages.

  • Load Capacity: 600VA might be insufficient for high-power setups.

Technical Specifications:

  • Capacity: 600VA / 330W

  • Runtime: Approximately 20 minutes at half-load

  • Input Voltage: 120V

  • Output Voltage: 120V

  • Dimensions: 5.47 x 10.79 x 4.13 inches

  • Battery Type: Sealed Lead-Acid

Comparison to Previous Models

Compared to its predecessors, the BE600M1 offers improved battery efficiency and an extended lifespan. The addition of a USB charging port is a highly requested feature that significantly boosts its utility. Enhanced surge protection and more intelligent battery management further solidify its status as a must-have UPS solution for modern users.

If you value your data, hardware, and continuous operation, investing in the APC BE600M1 is a no-brainer. Protect your critical devices from unexpected power disturbances and ensure your work is never interrupted. Purchase the APC BE600M1 here.

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